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The Ultimate Guide To Roof Safety This Fall: Everything You Should Know

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The Ultimate Guide To Roof Safety This Fall: Everything You Should Know

Do you know everything you need to know about roof safety? Roofing work can be a dangerous task. Not only are you working high up off the ground, but you are also prone to serious injury or even death if it’s not done in a safe and correct manner. Especially when the weather isn’t right, you should avoid going on your roof at all costs – like in the fall and winter months. Here is your ultimate guide to roof safety this fall.

  1. Keep Work Area Clean And Free of Hazards

We never recommend homeowners go on their roof if they don’t have the proper tools and expertise to do so safely. However, if you do go on your roof, then you should make sure the work area is clean before you get to work. A clean, organized work area will prevent any tripping hazards. Not only should you keep your space clean, but you should also keep kids, pets and other distractions out-of-sight and away while working. Keeping the work area totally clean goes a long way toward roof safety.

While keeping your work area clean is one way to avoid safety hazards, you should also consider checking out your surroundings before beginning any work. For example, are you working near electrical lines? Is your ladder placed within 3 feet from an electrical wire? Do you know what type of ladder to use near electrical wires? These are all things to think about if you plan to work on you roof.

  1. Avoid Falls

While keeping your work area clean is one way to prevent falls, it’s not the only thing to watch out for. Because falling is the number one danger when it comes to working on the roof, this is an important thing to remember. Here are the ways you can avoid falls when on your roof.

  • Proper Footwear and Gear
  • Flat and Secured Surfaces
  • Remove Obstacles and Tripping Hazards
  • Proper Lighting (No Working While It’s Dark)
  • Never Block Your Vision
  1. Use Ladders Safely

Most of the time, no one plans to use ladders in a dangerous way. However, many people do. Whether you’re incorrectly using your ladder, or the ladder you’re using isn’t secure and supportive, ladder safety is a big issue that needs to be discussed. Here are the tips to ensuring you use your ladder safely.

  • Make Sure It Meets All Codes and Regulations
  • Set It Up Properly and Use it Properly
  • Have a Second Person There Just In Case
  1. Hire a Professional

Last but certainly not least, hire a professional roofer! One of the most important things you can do to ensure your safety is hire someone with the tools, experience, and expertise to safely tackle even your toughest roofing projects. When it comes to your safety, hiring a contractor is 100% worth the price.

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