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Professional Roofing Contractors in Southlake, TX

When the storms come, it is nice to know that you are protected by a quality roof that has been carefully designed and constructed to withstand the weather in Southlake, TX. The single most important factor of an exceptional roof installation and repair is the contractor that you choose to do the job. SEI Roofing has been serving the Southlake community for more than two decades, and during this time we have learned a lot about what it takes to adequately protect homes in our unique environment. Our roofers are the best in the industry and share our passion for “Service, Excellence & Integrity.”

Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Whether from a particularly nasty storm or general wear and tear, even the best roofs sometimes need the care of our experienced team to keep them in the best condition. Small problems such as a little leak, a missing shingle, or minor cracks, are often good candidates for a roof repair. Repairing these little problems can help you avoid bigger ones such as rot, mold, and deterioration. We offer fast repairs in the Southlake area, with after-hour options for more urgent problems.

Roof & Gutter Replacement

When some of those bigger problems do occur such as mold, rot, buckling, or extensive leaking, it is time to consider a roof replacement. While roof replacement cost may be a large investment, a replacement by a reputable company can make your home more energy-efficient, and provide better protection for your home against storms. At SEI Roofing, we offer free estimates with zero obligation so that you can make a decision armed with the best information.

Roof Estimates & Inspections

Before we can make a recommendation regarding whether your roof should be replaced or repaired, we will need to perform a detailed roof inspection. Inspections are important after storms, before selling or buying a property, and any time you notice any potential problems with your roof. Routine inspections can also save you hundreds of dollars throughout your roof’s lifespan. We inspect every inch of your roof inside and out so we can give you a comprehensive report on your roof’s condition.

Storm Damage Services

A heavy storm can cause a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time. Hail, wind, and falling tree branches can all cause problems. We strive for fast storm damage roof repair services in Southlake, specializing in hail damage roof rehabilitation for metal, tile, and shingle roofs.

When your roof is severely damaged by a storm or another event, the last thing you want to do is struggle through the insurance claim process. However, roof insurance claims are a necessary part of fixing your roof. We make this easier by helping you navigate these murky waters with advice about everything from documentation to price discrepancies. Our goal for each customer is a successful claim followed up by quality roofing repairs or replacements.

Gutter Services

Water from rainstorms can cause damage to your foundation if it isn’t diverted to a safe location. If you have noticed water erosion in your landscaping, or your gutters are not draining properly, it is probably time for gutter repair. We can repair sagging gutters, damaged or leaking gutters, or gutters that aren’t properly pitched, and we also offer gutter installation and cleaning services.

Roofing Options – Types of Roofs

When choosing a roofing material, you have to juggle aesthetics, affordability, and longevity. Every material is different when it comes to price and lifespan, but the key is finding “roofers near me” who can install any material so that it performs to the best of its ability. At SEI Roofing, we can help you choose the right material for both your home and budget. We always listen to you and give you recommendations that fit your situation. Whether you choose metal, asphalt shingles, tile, or a flat roof, you can count on us to install it with precision.

Choosing Your Shingles

If you have chosen to use shingles for your Southlake home, you have selected a timeless solution that has been used for many years and will continue to be used with great success. Asphalt shingles are durable and can withstand many different types of weather. They also come in many different colors and styles. Most roofing companies recommend architectural shingles that have higher ratings when it comes to durability, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. We are knowledgeable about all of your options and we can help guide you through the process of choosing your shingles.

Trust SEI Roofing – Your Roofing Experts in Southlake

While we are perhaps best known for our roofing services, we are here to provide additional services for your home’s exterior as well such as high-quality fencing installation, siding repair and installation, and painting projects.

We love waking up each day knowing that we can make a difference. We use our skills in roofing and siding installation to enrich the lives of families in the Southlake area. If you need help with a storm-damaged roof or you are considering a roof replacement, call SEI Roofing today.

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