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Garland, TX, is home to the famous Spring Creek Forest Preserve. Known as a green city, it offers a unique combination of scenic views and beautiful weather year-round.

Despite its typically mild weather, Garland does experience its fair share of heat and summer storms. These storms usually pass over without too much issue, but they can cause some serious damage to your home’s roof.

When that happens, you need the services of an experienced roofing contractor. Fortunately, SEI Roofing can help. Our team uses only the best materials to repair or replace your damaged roof. We offer excellent prices designed to meet any budget, and we stand behind our work. Contact SEI Roofing for all of your roofing needs!

Roof Repair

When your roof is damaged, prompt repair is a must! Putting off repairs can result in some serious consequences. A damaged roof is prone to leaks, which means that your home will be exposed to water damage. This can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Our skilled roofers can locate damage to your roof and give you a free quote on repairs. Once the roof inspection is complete, we will review your options with you and help you to make the best decision for your home and budget. Whether the damage results from normal wear and tear or storms, our professionals know what it takes to get your roof back in shape.

Roof Replacement Cost

At SEI Roofing, we understand that purchasing a new roof can be stressful. Total roof replacement is a major investment and is not a decision that should be made lightly. When you partner with us for a roof replacement, one of our experienced team members will help you plan out your project.

We will review the various replacement material options available, including metal or traditional asphalt roofing. Our team will also provide you with a free quote, and there will be no hidden costs associated with the project. The SEI Roofing team is always honest and transparent with our customers at every step of the way.


One of the best things you can do to keep your home protected from water damage is to have a functional gutter system. SEI Roofing can help with that, too! We offer custom gutter installation services. We can equip your home with a set of modern gutters that look great.

We also offer gutter repair services, which are a good option if you have a system in place, but need some updates. Our team can fix leaks and clear out clogged drainage pipes to get your gutters working like new.

A lack of gutters can create a laundry list of problems, including wood rot and damage to your home’s foundation. Let us help you to protect your investment with a brand-new set of gutters.

Roof Insurance Claims

As a homeowner, one of the most frustrating experiences you can have is to handle an insurance claim. Between the excessive amount of paperwork that comes with a claim and the loopholes that carriers use to try to get out of paying for your claim, it can be a tedious process to navigate.

SEI has decades of experience in handling storm damage roof repair. We can walk you through the process and will help you to hold your insurance company accountable.

If your roof suffers a leak or other severe storm damage, your insurance company will likely authorize you to make immediate repairs. Once you have filed a claim, contact our team to get started. We will assume the burden of settling any discrepancies with your insurance company after the work has been performed.

We will also provide you with the necessary documentation, including invoices and receipts, to help you file your claim completely.

Fencing and More

At SEI Roofing, our goal is to become your go-to Garland area contractor for any outdoor home renovation needs you may have. As a part of these efforts, we have added fence installation, siding installation, and painting to our services list.

A new fence is a great way to create a private outdoor living space. You can use a fence to give your children or pets a safe place to play. Fences are also important for restricting access to a pool or other backyard amenities. In fact, many insurance companies require that pools be enclosed by a quality fence.

We also repair or replace siding. Your home’s siding does much more than boost your curb appeal. It helps to insulate your home, which can reduce heating and cooling costs. Siding also protects your home’s underlying structure from rot or termite damage.

No matter what your home needs, SEI Roofing is the team to take on the job. Our competitors cannot match our pricing or our level of service. Don’t settle for less — contact the best!

Roofers Near Me

SEI Roofing has a reputation for providing the very best in customer service and workmanship. You can rest easy knowing that your new roof will hold up for years to come.

If you need roofing repairs or other outdoor services, contact our team today! We can provide you with a free quote and get your project underway in no time.


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