4 Ways To Show Your Roof Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Jan 21, 2022

By SEI Roofing

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4 Ways To Show Your Roof Some Love This Valentine’s Day

February is almost here – and it’s the month of love, after all. There’s no better time to fall back in love with your home. Here are the 4 ways you can show your roof some love this Valentine’s Day so you can stay comfortable and protected for years to come!

  1. Make Sure Your Roof is Clean

Your roof protects you from all the elements, so it’s no surprise that they go through a lot over time. During the winter season, it’s likely your roof has accumulated dirt and debris. By cleaning your roof at this time of year, you can keep it looking nice while also increasing its lifespan. Not only should you plan to clean the top of your roof, but you should also consider cleaning your gutters. Your gutters are designed to collect rainwater and carry it away from your foundation through downspouts. If it becomes blocked or clogged with debris, it’s not able to do its job. Making sure it’s clean will prevent potential water damage, protect your roof, and keep rodents away.

  1. Replace Missing Shingles

Are you shingle and ready to mingle this Valentine’s Day? If you’re planning a rooftop surprise for that special someone, the last thing you want to is to be met with exposed nails. There’s nothing like sitting on a nail to ruin the mood. If you notice any missing or loose shingles, make sure to call your roofing contractor as soon as possible. Leaving this unaddressed could result in further damage to your roof.

  1. Remove Overhanging Branches

While you’re falling for that special someone, your trees are falling for your roof! Limbs that are hanging over a home aren’t only a threat to your roof, but they’re also a threat to your entire home. On windy days, they can scrape against roof shingles. Not only that, but they can also strip off layers of asphalt, and clog your gutters. If you have a storm rolling through during your Valentine’s Day plans, be mindful of those overhanging branches. During a storm, they can fall on your roof. Depending on how big the branch, it can leave you with minor – or severe – damage.

  1. Get Your Roof Inspected

One of the best ways you can show your roof some love is to have it inspected. It’s like a spa day for your roof! A professional inspection will help you catch problems early before they become severe – and costly. While you may do a visual roof inspection yourself, it can be easy to miss things if you’re not trained to know what to look for. For the love of your roof, schedule a roofing inspection today!

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